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In this category you will find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding general topics when racing with the RORC.

For more specific topics please have a look at the available Subcategories as well. If your questions is not covered, please drop us an Email to

Items Rating Hits
Basic Instructions to use the RCMS   9765
Can I pay Entry Fees by Cash/Cheque/Bank Transfer?   6862
Do I need to provide a hull construction certificate?   7256
Does the RORC already hold hull construction data for my boat?   10760
How can I check if my EPIRB has been registered properly?   5245
How can I check on the status of my entry?   7252
How do Waypoints work in RORC Offshore Courses Designs?   3280
What is AIS? What AIS equipment do I need to carry?   3404
What is an EPIRB? What EPIRB equipment do I need to carry?   3267
Where can I obtain a Hull Construction certificate?   7316


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